Audrey Landreth Viola is a photo editor, creative producer and curator with a passion for compelling storytelling. With over fifteen years experience as a content producer across genres, she's a confident collaborator and creative force to lead a wide range of productions in the editorial, commercial and fine art realms.

After graduating Columbia University with a focus in art history, Audrey got her start as a photo editor at ABC News with Peter Jenning's and then moved into photo directing and producing at magazines such as Rolling Stone, Interview and Entertainment Weekly.  Based in Los Angeles, she works as a consultant on book projects and creative treatments, and has contributed to television networks such as NBC, FOX, and magazines such as The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard. Since 2009, she has curated ten photography shows, and enjoyed teaching editorial photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Currently, she's collaborating with the Apple Music marketing team in Culver City.