The Give and Take  (@the_give_and_take) a visual association game on Instagram between me and rotating guests. I post an image, and my guest posts another in response. What results is a conversation of images that evolves organically into mini-exhibitions of sorts. The links between images are sometimes obvious, sometimes quite subtle. As someone who loves to play with pictures to see how they relate to one another, and how together they can take on new meaning,  I think it's interesting to see how these meanings take different shape when two brains with deep visual databases and varying tastes are collaborating.

Instagram is a natural and carefree platform to experiment with this concept. In an age where we are bombarded with fleeting images from all media outlets, incessantly connected, but often starved for actual connection, this feed is an improvised yet lasting interaction between two people communicating through visual threads.  Rather than an endless stream of random images, this creative volley generates waves of associations that deliver an unexpected and dynamic dialogue, and a memorable and refreshingly diverse sequence of artwork results. The resulting experience is one that inspires a slowing down, a pause, to thoroughly receive an image, and to decipher its connections to previous images on the greater grid. Participating guests to include Photo editors, curators, photographers, creative directors, artists, directors, writers and more.

My current guest playing is photographer Peter Baker (@peterbaker42)  Please join us!